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tulip pouch pencil case i always wanted

Many times while I work I catch myself grinding my teeth in frustration – every new technique requires exploration of ideas, trials and errors. That’s how it is when discovering new areas, and I actually enjoy it a lot.

Drawing on fabric is an idea that got hold on me recently. Drawings have to be made with thin lines, in color, I have to be able to control precisely what is happening with the lines on fabric, color must not leak, and most important, it has to be permanent – it must not wash out.

In search for the right markers I have already gathered a small collection of different types. They are all great, some of them meet the majority of conditions, but none of markers have met them all.

Google said: Sharpies ultra fine markers are the thing to try. All opinions I have read agree that the markers are excellent for drawing on fabric. However, opinions on colors being wash-fast differ. This should be tested. I wished for the markers and my darling gave me a set – thank you, darling!

I have chosen a piece of fabric and got down to work. Sharpies ultra fine markers are fantastic, even on slightly coarse surface, such as artist’s canvas. Exactly what I wanted: thin lines, no leaks, absolute control over traces on the fabric.

Very happy with the result that far, I was a bit nervous before the crucial test: how will the drawings look after the fabric has been washed. Lukewarm water, detergent, short soak and a wash… and a bit of a disappointment: colors faded out slightly.

I do not get discouraged easily. Experience shows that it is good to put a matter on hold for a while, maybe in the meantime a new idea would present itself. And it has. Next experiment involved a trick that I will keep secret, and… it functions! Now the colors do not change in wash.

This has opened a completely new area, and I enjoy it very much. I always have pencils, markers and a notebook in my bag. Pieces of fabric have joined them now.

tulip pouch drawing on paper with markers

The pencil case I always wanted has got tulips and polka dots. It is made from artist’s canvas strengthened with interfacing for firmness and shape. Tulip drawings are made with markers and they are wash resistant. White polka dots on pink background make me smile every time I take a peak inside the case. The case is 22 cm long, 12 cm high. The bottom of the case is 18 cm long and 5 cm wide, and the case has a zipper closure.

tulip pouch drawing on canvas

tulip pouch inside markers

tulip pouch drawing on fabric