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afternoon photo shoot hairclips flowers

I am an accomplished procrastinator. I do not have to do this-or-that today, I can do it tomorrow. First thing in the morning. Well, afternoon will be fine too. Although, I could do it over the weekend. Or after the weekend, early in the week. But I am not in a hurry, if it is done by mid-week, it will be fine…

In exactly such a rhythm I have been delaying a photo shoot of brooches, hair bands and hair clips. But when the weather forecast says that tomorrow we can expect rain, and that rain is going to be followed by snow – I am in a hurry! If I want to shoot outside, and I do want to shoot outside.

So my sister and I packed the thingies and photo equipment and rushed to a park to do the photo shoot in gentle afternoon sunshine. She is the model, I am the photographer. Yes, it was sunny, but it was windy as well – we were running after the brooches carried by the wind through the park, it was not possible to comb the hair, and it was not warm at all. Photo shoot, regardless of all of that, was a joy!

afternoon photo shoot flower brooch

afternoon photo shoot hairband with flower

afternoon photo shoot hair clips butterflies

If that was not enough, after we have gotten warm back in my sister’s flat, she made dinner. I am not publishing the recipe because I do not know it. Before my sister starts writing about the wonders she does in the kitchen, we use a picture to present pasta with home-grown aubergines and rucola. Mmmmm. Wonderful day.

afternoon photo shoot pasta with aubergine and ricula