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Blue velvet evening clutch bag elegant

Luxurious evening bags have been on my idea and wish list for a long time, but somehow other things make their place to the top of the list most of the times. Maybe it is the time of the year that finally made me dug through my stash of fabrics to see what have I actually got there of luxurious types of fabric. And yes, I do have some beautiful pieces: velvet, satin, silk… Oh:)

I love all of those fabrics, however, I had no dilemma which one to start with: velvet! I’ve got a soft spot for velvet, but I guess that might be quite common.

How to resist velvet? It is one of the richest and sensual fabric, the colours of it are deep and oh so elegant, it is soft, it creates folds that show the beautiful lustre of the fabric. And the texture, so pleasing to the touch…

One of the pieces of velvet in the stash was in deep midnight blue colour – one of my favourite velvet colours. And then I found an ornamental button with sparkling light blue stones, as well as matching dark blue silky tassel – just what I needed for elegant evening velvet clutch bag that I had in my mind for so long.



Blue velvet evening clutch bag cocktail


Blue velvet evening clutch bag formal

Blue velvet evening clutch bag sparkling stones and tassel

Midnight blue clutch bag is made from deep blue cotton velvet fabric. It is decorated with ornamental button with sparkling light blue and red stones and silky shiny dark blue tassel. The bag measures 30 cm by 17 cm, it is interfaced for firmness and shape and lined with dark blue viscose fabric. There is an open pocket inside of it and it closes with magnetic snap closure.

Blue velvet evening clutch bag inside