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blue fabric clutch bag with sea horse in hands

Many times I find myself standing in front of my wardrobe wondering who has put all that clothes in it – I’ve got nothing to wear. Then I search for accessories to freshen up an outfit, and I ask myself who has put all those scarves, necklaces, bracelets etc. in my drawers?

I’m exaggerating, of course. But it does happen sometimes. Or it happens that my schedule does not allow me to go home and change my outfit before going to a party. Then I use my favorite solution: the most simple and quite muted outfit, no jewellery at all apart from my watch acting as a bracelet, and a single accessory: a handbag!

In that case, a handbag that is different, unexpected or with its own special story. Sometimes it would be 90 years old clutch bag that still handles partying as a girl, sometimes one of bags I made myself.

The Sea horse is one of such bags!




blue fabric clutch bag with sea horse magnet

blue fabric clutch bag with sea horse

blue fabric clutch bag with sea horse detail

I made the Sea horse clutch bag from the remnants of blue-green fabric used for Three colours blue, slightly velvety to the touch. Inside of the bag is blue-green as well and it hides a pocket and a ribbon with a clip. The sea horse figure is actually a fridge magnet, attached firmly to the top of the bag. Swirls around the sea horse are silver thread machine stitches. Folds on the front of the bag provide a lot of space inside of the bag, and the back of the bag is flat. The clutch bag is 20 cm tall and 37 cm wide and it closes with magnetic snap button.

blue fabric clutch bag with sea horse inside view