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Have you been to Plitvice Lakes National Park? Or, how often do you visit the Lakes? I haven’t for a while and it is about time to plan a trip.

I love waters, I love forests, and spending some time at Plitvice Lakes is a celebration to me. The air is fresh and it has a wonderful scent. Shades of blue, turqouise, green are amazing. Tiny water drops gently touch the skin. Wherever you turn, you see lakes, creeks, waterfalls and the forest, connected and intertwined, flowing in and out of each other. The Lakes are magical.

Browsing through photos I have taken at the Lakes, I got curious – what would a handbag telling about them look like? I have chosen a picture, which was not easy at all, had it printed on cotton fabric and made a handbag with a waterfall outside and green-blue colour of water inside. What do you think about a waterfall flowing into a handbag?