hand embroidered snowflake pendant and necklace

Snowflake Necklace

Proper autumn weather these days. Sometimes chilly, mainly grey and rainy at times. A few weeks ago we had the first snow of the season. Saturday morning, I get up, take a look through the window to the garden, and there… there is snow on the ground, bushes, trees! This is how it looked [...]
hand embroidered jeans necklaces

Handmade designer jewelry: jeans, embroidery and some metal

There are pieces of clothing I’ve got that are decorated with hand embroidery. I love to decorate bags with it. I even once embroidered motifs on shoe laces of favorite pair of shoes… ok, that might have been a bit extreme:) With my inclination towards unique accessories and handmade designer [...]

Felt Wedding Bouquet

Do you know do!ts, a magazine for handmade culture? If not yet, have a look at do!ts. I am delighted by the magazine! Therefore I am happy and proud to say that my tutorial on making a wedding bouquet and boutonnieres is published in the most recent issue. Thank you, editors! You can find the [...]

Cocktail Hat

Do you like pre-holiday times and parties that are starting? I do! And every time, I am panicking, of course – what to wear, how to assemble the outfit. This week, a party that I had been looking forward took place, a holiday party, and the dress code, well, the same. Ok, I have got a red satin [...]

How I make felt brooches

I got a comment that my fingers and nails look like I’ve been stitching by hand. That’s correct, I did a lot of hand stitching making felt rose brooches. How do I make them? The story is in the pictures! Materials: thick wool felt, several beads, sewing thread, embroidery thread, pin. Tools, of [...]
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