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My name is Marina, but when we are in the world of thread and fabrics, you can call me Mare.

I studied mathematics and mechanical engineering, but somehow I have found myself working in completely different fields.

I have been drawing and sewing longer than I can remember. Photography is another of my passions as is gardening which both relaxes and stimulates me. Sometimes I hug trees, sometimes I do environmental volunteer work, most often I avoid highways and whenever I have a chance, I take a nap on warm rocks next to the sea.

I am passionate about crafts and all that is hand made. For me, hand made things are not only objects – they give me someone else’s view of the world and I feel the care, respect and love their makers have incorporated into them.

I have got an urge to create. Inspiration comes from everywhere – the nature, my thoughts and feelings, sometimes the fabrics themselves. Transferring an idea into something tangible can consume me so much that I forget about the time. The moment of holding the result in my hands is a moment of great joy.

All the items on this site are my own designs and made by me, drawn, cut and sewn on my kitchen table. Because they are hand crafted, they are all unique, even when made in limited editions, no two are exactly alike.

I believe that quality should always come first and I make sure of this in the things I make. I have a high regard for natural materials and just love the way they feel under my fingers, so I mostly work with them.

Most of all, I love designing and making handbags. I appreciate practical and versatile things and I am intrigued by a concept of a handbag that meets all everyday needs, but has its own character or tells a story.

I am making things that I love and I am happy when I can give that good feeling to others through them.


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