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Spring Handbag

Green, I love green! Every now and then, while I work, I treat myself with a look through the windows. I am very lucky that through them I see green, green, green. Trees, bushes, flowers. Cherry trees, cypresses, cedar tree, spruces, tulips, grass, daisies, dandelions, blossoming strawberries, [...]

Weekend of Green Brooches

The brooch-lover wished for a green brooch. I thought – why not three?

Ladybirds Tote

Ladybrids love to socialize. If you see one, look around, you are sure to see more.


Euonymus flowers went for a walk. They took a sip of magic potion on the way and that made them grow.

Summer Garden

If you can not be in a garden all the time, you can take the garden with you.
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