Second Life

“Second life” are handbags made of fabric that was used for a different purpose in its previous life. My passion for upcycling comes from an inclination to see objects around me not for what they are, but for their potential – what they might be and what they could be transformed into. I enjoy finding new ways to use discarded items, items that will no longer be used for their initial purpose.



Peach was hidden in 70-ies dress. One kiss, a bit of magic, and now she’ll take her tiny wallet, the phone, a lipstick, her keys and dance into a new life! Oh-la-la!

Dotty’s Sister

Dotty has got a sister!


Summer cotton skirt, chocolate colour with white dots has been asking for a transformation. Some cutting and sewing later, and it started its second life as Dotty.


Stripey has been hidden in kid’s overalls found in a heap of used clothes at the flea market.
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