front pockets


Sunshine-rain, rain-sunshine. Everything in the garden is growing and blossoming. And a new bag model grew on my kitchen table. It is not small, it is not large, the size is just right, somewhere in between. I started to play with paper, then test fabric, adding a bit, taking out a bit… When I am [...]
foldover cotton clutch with embroidered sea shells

Sea Shells Clutch

Hand embroidery got the better of me:) Can not help it – I love drawing, I love fabric and threads and to me embroidery is drawing on fabric with threads… So I wanted to see how a pattern I made in appliqué on the Coral bag would look when embroidered, as a simple drawing. Red on white, red cotton [...]
01 golden to red sandals with cherries remake

Red Sandals with Cherries, a Remake Story

Old golden sandals have been hanging around my place and an idea has been brewing in my head, but only when Omnis Art Handmade announced their recycling competition Let’s recycle together I got down to work, transformed old golden sandals into new red sandals and entered them into the competition. [...]
hand embroidery workshop observing and assisting

Hand Embroidery Workshop

7th Creative Happening, a gathering of craftswomen and craftsmen organized by Viva Kreativa and OmnisArt took place in Zagreb on Saturday. The gathering provides crafters with an opportunity to exhibit their work and exchange experiences, and it gives visitors a chance to see that imagination and [...]
polymer clay cherries

I Need Cherries!

Cherries should have the main role in some things I am making these days. Search in nearby craft shops haven’t brought any fruit, neither cherries nor large red beads that I could use as cherries. But my eyes got stuck on the polymer clay, and I reminded myself that I often state that everything [...]
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